About Us

SoDevRom stands for Software Development Romania.

Since 2008 we are developing Internet Marketing Software.
Our first product was Emarketing Helper , followed by a JV with Gaccot and Levi Brown when we developed IM Detonator and Tube Detonator.

In 2009-2010 we started the Blaster Suite( CPA Blaster, Video Spin Blaster, Mass Video Blaster, Video Marketing Blaster, Pin Blaster, ShortUrl Blaster and now Mass Video Blaster PRO)

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You can contact us at http://blastersuite.com/support/

CPA Blaster

CPA Blaster

CPA Blaster

Official CPA Blaster Sale Thread: http://cpa-blaster.com

What is CPA-Blaster?
CPA Blaster is the ultimate CPA Software. It is designed by CPA Marketers for CPA Marketers.

If you are a rookie just starting CPA or you are Guru ready to bring his earnings to the next level this software is designed for you!

Over the past year we implemented over 70 updates, and NOW, we can say that the software is 100% perfect. We listen to all our customers and added tons of powerful features, so everyone can benefit from them.

Our Software includes 2 powerful modules:
YouTube Module and Content Generation Module.


Instant YouTube Traffic:

This tool will make your life much easier. The ones who are already using YouTube traffic know that your videos are constantly being removed by your competitors. With CPA Blaster, that’s a good thing! The software will auto check all your videos, and if one of them is removed it will automatically re-upload it with different title and description on a different account on autopilot. In this way, you can get to the top of the search with no problems.

The best part is that you can use one single video file from your PC and upload it as many times as you want. CPA Blaster will take care of the duplicate content filter of YouTube so you can save tons of time.

Instant Content:

Designed Specially for the ones who are already in TV SERIES… All you have to do is think about what series you want to promote and CPA Blaster will do all the hard work for you.
Our software will find and post all episodes on your Blog with the click of one button…
And that’s not all! It will keep your Blog updated, posting all the new episodes for all the series you want!

Mass Video Blaster


Mass Video Blaster is the most powerful video downloader, uploader and editor you will ever find! Blackhat or Greyhat, it’s up to you. Mass download videos from Vimeo, Metacafe and YouTube and upload them to your own YouTube account with one simple click.


Official Mass Video Blaster site: http://mass-video-blaster.com

BlackHatWorld Mass Video Blaster thread: Click Here

Mass Video Blaster 3 Official Blog: http://massvideoblaster3.com




Pin Blaster


Pin Blaster

Pin Blaster

Official Pin Blaster Sales Page: http://pinblaster.com

What is Pin Blaster?
Pin Blaster is the first professional Pinterest tool.
What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social site. Some call it a social bookmarking site, others call it a social network… I call it a goldmine!

If you didn’t hear about pinterest until now, then you probably lived under a rock.
But it’s not too late, let me explain quickly what is Pinterest…It’s a combination between twitter and Reddit or 9gag.
And it’s the easiest way to get viral traffic! Yes, you can get viral easier then on Facebook.

Pin Blaster was sold on WarriorForum and it got the title of WSO of the day and WSO of the week.
Right now PinBlaster is sold out. You can get on the waiting list by singing up on the form bellow. If we will decide to open more PinBlaster copies, the waiting list will have priority and will get a discounted price

Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster comes in after over 2 years of perfecting video marketing.

This software not only helps you find the best niches to create videos on and that can help drive traffic to your site but can also with a push of a button automatically add a SEO optimized title, SEO optimized description, and of course SEO optimized tags.


Check out the official Video Marketing Blaster Sales Page: http://video-marketing-blaster.com